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Seminar Series

Posted by: Mark Cardy

May 11, 2017

Seminar Title: A Structural Model of Cyber Risk Aggregate Loss Distribution of Medium Size Enterprises

19 July 2018 – RiskLab Event: Seminar and drinks/finger food


In a corporate and/or government domain, a cyber risk can be seen as a risk of a financial loss due to a breach of an institution’s IT infrastructure by unauthorized parties and the ex- ploitation, taking possession of, or disclosure of data assets, thus creating financial and/or reputational damage.

During this seminar we propose a structural model of aggregate loss distribution for the cyber risk of medium-size enterprise. To our knowledge, no theoretical model of aggregate loss distri- bution for cyber risk exists in this setting. To achieve this, we contextualize the problem in the probabilistic graph-theoretical framework, assuming the IT network topology to be represented by an appropriate (random) graph of finite (or infinite) size. We allow for heteroge- neous node vulnerability and loss topology, and discuss the characteristic examples. Contagion is modelled using the framework of percolation theory.


Petar Jevtic is an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University, School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, USA. Previously, he held the position of Assistant Professor at McMaster University, Department of Mathematics and Statistics in Canada, where he also completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship. His main research focus is in Actuarial Science and Mathematical Finance.

Time 5:00pm (Pre-drinks and Food), 5:30pm (Seminar will start)   Location: Data 61’s Demonstration Lab at 710 Collins Street, a short walk from Southern Cross Station

Cost: Free

Please RSVP by 17 July via our Eventbrite site.