Brain Health

Much like our physical health, nutrition plays a critical role in shaping our brain health, including cognitive, emotional, and psychological functioning across the lifespan. Emerging health challenges, including growing rates of childhood micronutrient deficiencies, mental health disorders in adults, and cognitive decline in the elderly have motivated a global focus on nutrition as an important modifiable risk factor in developing, adult, and ageing brain health.

CSIRO research has identified links between nutrition, including specific nutrients, broader dietary patterns, and lifestyle behaviours, with cognitive and mental health.

Our expertise has led to the development of fully customisable cognitive batteries that are capable of assessing cognitive functioning across all age groups, including children and older adults, in both healthy population groups and those with a chronic disease. A more recent research project involves examining the relationship between brain and gastrointestinal health; commonly known as the ‘Gut-Microbiome-Brain-Axis’.

Our clinical studies aimed at assessing cognitive function and mental health extend across the spectrum of acute feeding trials, to both short and long-term randomised clinical intervention trials. We have the capacity to deliver a scientific understanding of how nutritional products impact cognition, which cognitive function is impacted, to discovering the potential health benefits through our world-class clinical testing facilities. The CSIRO Brain Health Assessment team can help to establish links and substantiate the impact of supplements, food products, and dietary patterns on cognitive function and mental health.

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