Nutrition and Health Research Clinic

The CSIRO Nutrition and Health Research Clinic, established in 1990 has a strong history of delivering phase II to IV clinical trials, ultimately providing positive health impacts for the Australian Community. Primary examples of CSIRO’s impact in recent years include the development of the evidence based Total Wellbeing Diet, Low-Carb,  Protein Plus and Healthy Gut diet and lifestyle programs. The development and substantiation of novel products and programs occurs in collaboration with internal stakeholders such as CSIRO Agriculture and Food and Food Manufacturing business units as well as extending to industry stakeholders, both nationally and internationally with recent success stories including the development of BARLEYmax™and Impromy™.

Our new purpose built clinical research facility opened in 2014 at SAHMRI, within the Adelaide BioMed City  is comprised of:

  • 6 multi-purpose treatment rooms suitable for a wide range of clinical, physiological and specialist assessments
  • A dedicated laboratory facility where biological samples are processed and stored securely onsite
  • 3 private consult offices, used for specialist consultations (GP, Dietitian)
  • A large open-plan kitchen area, suitable for studies requiring preparation and consumption of foods as well as providing a comfortable location for study participants to to relax over extended-stay clinic visits.
Clinic Capabilities

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