The Mining Geomechanics Team:

  • Applies rock and fracture mechanics principles in solving various mining problems
  • Conducts mine scale geotechnical and hydrogeological investigations
  • Develops and applies unique and coupled fluid-mechanical in-house code (COSFLOW) that can efficiently be used to represent inter-bedded rock strata
  • Develops and applies numerical code associated with excavation geomechanics
  • Applies various commercial software products (PFC, FLAC, UDEC etc) to investigate mining related issues

Team Member:


Andy Wilkins Senior Research Scientist

Multi-phase Numerical Modelling, Mathematical Software Development, Artificial Intelligence; +61 7 3327 4497



Baotang Shen Senior Principal Research Scientist

Mining Engineering, Rock Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics, Numerical Modelling; +61 7 3327 4560



Brett Poulsen Senior Research Scientist

Numerical Modelling; +61 7 3327 4495



Deepak Adhikary Senior Principal Research Scientist

Geotechnical Engineering, Rock Mechanics, Numerical Modelling, Groundwater, Mine water Prediction; +61 7 3327 4496



Jingyu Shi Research Scientist

Solid Mechanics, Numerical Code Development and Modelling; +61 7 3327 4441



Manoj Khanal Senior Research Scientist

Numerical Modelling, Comminution, Mine Water Prediction, Surface Subsidence Prediction; +61 7 3327 4199



Qingdong Qu Senior Research Engineer

Mining Engineering, Geotechnical Investigation, Mine Methane Drainage; +61 7 3327 4113