Jingyu Shi

Jingyu Shi is a research scientist. He graduated with a BEng in solid mechanics in 1982 and obtained PhD in finite elastic deformation in 1988. He also holds a Graduate Diploma in Information Technology. He did researches in several scientific areas, including deformation of elastic networks and membranes, interaction between natural artery and artificial arterial graft, deformation and flow of granular materials, plastic rolling of metal sheets, direct reduction of iron ore, visco-plastic deformation of the Earth lithosphere in the University of Queensland, University of Melbourne and Queensland University of Technology, Australia. These researches include establishing the mathematical models and using analytical and numerical methods to obtain the solutions. He is currently developing a three-dimensional simulation code, FRACOD3D, with focus on application in rock fracture propagation. The code can simulate general linear isotropic homogeneous elasticity problems, particularly with advantages over most other numerical methods for fracture growth.  It can also analyse thermal stress and multiple material regions within which material is isotropic and homogeneous. With background in solid mechanics and many years’ researches, Jingyu has knowledges in linear elasticity, non-linear elasticity, plasticity, visco-elasticity, visco-plasticity, fracture mechanics and Cossrat theory. He also has experiences in numerical simulations with finite element, finite difference, finite volume and displacement discontinuity methods.