Numerical Modelling

Various numerical codes have been developed to study challenging scenarios experienced during longwall extraction. COSFLOW, MOOSE and FRACOD are developed in our team in collaboration with researchers from various research laboratories. These codes are unique compared to commercially available codes. COSFLOW incorporates the Cosserat theory in its description of load-deformation behaviour of layered rocks, which is found to accurately and efficiently simulate mining induced stress and deformation in coal measure rocks. MOOSE is a modern open-source, general purpose, high performance finite-element simulator. Mining Geomechanics team contributes heavily to its development, in particular to the elasto-plastic solid mechanics aspects and the multi-phase flow through porous media module. Prediction of the explicit fracturing process is necessary for many industries such as mining, geothermal energy, nuclear waste disposal and CO2 geosequestration. Since 2007, CSIRO has been leading an international collaboration to develop FRACOD, a unique numerical code for modelling coupled rock fracturing processes.

In addition, the team also uses various commercial software to provide solutions to the mining industries.

  • PFC (2D and 3D)
  • FLAC (2D and 3D)
  • UDEC
  • 3DEC