Deepak Adhikary

Deepak Adhikary is a senior principal scientist/geotechnical engineer with the CSIRO where he currently leads the Mine Safety and Health Research Group within the Energy’s Coal Mining Research Program. During the last several years Deepak and his team are focused on research in various fields such as 3D geomechanics modelling, underground mine stability, mine subsidence, mine gas emission, pit slope stability, impact of mining on environment, mine water ingress etc. Deepak has 35 years’ experience and has provided strong leadership, chosen the most appropriate strategies, introduced his original ideas and concepts and led a number of projects to timely completion producing positive outcomes. Deepak’s area of competence is rock mechanics, solid mechanics, multiphase flow, plasticity and numerical modelling. His experience in numerical modelling spans over 25 years. His area of interests are longwall geomechanics, open pit slope stability, OB dump stability, impact of mining on surface and groundwater system. He is recognized as one of the leading researchers in the field of behavior of layered rocks and its simulation using Cosserat continuum theory (e.g. simulation of deformation in coal measure rocks, flexural toppling failure of rock slopes, mine water ingress, mine gas emission, assessment of hydrogeological impact of mining).