Measuring Adaptation to a Rapidly Changing Environment – Community of Practice Project

September 21st, 2022

Understanding the ability of organisms, communities and ecosystems to adapt to a rapidly changing environment will be essential to predicting their ability to survive the predicted global changes and to predict changes in ecosystem function.  Horizontal gene transfer, epigenomic modification, changes in the microbiome and other “horizon” areas of –omics research could confer the phenotypic plasticity required to expand physiological tolerances.  This community of practice will discuss both how we would develop the capability required to measure adaptation to a changing environment as well as how to integrate this information in to models used to predict ecosystem responses.

The project leaders hosted a two day workshop in February 2020, and summarised future directions in the following fact sheets.

Factsheet 1 – Genomics Capability

Factsheet 2 – Marine Microbiota Adaptation and Heatwaves

Factsheet 3 – Genomics to Predict Pheotypic Plasticity