Nature-based Solutions

We work with end users from across government, universities, the private sector, traditional owners, and civil society to identify problems that can be solved or alleviated by management, protection and restoration of coastal marine ecosystems that support ecosystems and livelihoods. Our research contributes to climate mitigation and adaptation, resilient livelihoods, and risk reduction within Australia and throughout the Indo-Pacific.

Why coastal marine restoration and nature based solutions?

Coastal marine habitats support great biodiversity, provide important ecosystem services such as coastal protection, carbon storage and nutrient cycling, and support the livelihoods of at least a billion people. These habitats are increasingly under threat from habitat loss and destruction and impacts of climate change such as sea level rise, large storm events and warming oceans. Nature-based Solutions (NbS) and restoration may provide a way to manage, restore and protect coastal marine habitats to support ecosystems and livelihoods

What we do at CSIRO

At CSIRO, our research develops the science to support the development and design, decision making, and intervention strategy and operationalization of coastal marine restoration and nature-based solutions. Our expertise includes biodiversity enhancement, population recovery and maintenance processes, habitat regeneration, scalable solutions for restoration, biogeochemical processes, fisheries and coastal protection. In addition to empirical field and modelling techniques, we also use tools from decision science and social science to understand community perceptions and barriers to restoration and guide decision-making.

Key Contact

Senior Principal Research Scientist