–  Research Director, Dr Alistair Hobday


To provide scientific knowledge and tools to advise solutions that support sustainable development of Australia’s coastal and marine resources, including monitoring and mitigation of environmental impacts, observational and modelling capabilities to assess and anticipate the dynamics and vulnerability of coastal assets, conservation of marine biodiversity and supporting future blue industries. ​

We collaborate with indigenous partners and various national and international sectors such as oil and gas, seabed infrastructure, sustainable marine, fisheries and conservation. This collaboration, combined with our science, helps us solve important local and global challenges such as coastal urbanisation and population growth, catchment degradation, habitat and biodiversity loss and climate change.

Core capabilities include:

  • Hydrodynamic, biogeochemical and socio-ecological modelling.​
  • Coastal remote sensing of water quality, bathymetry and habitats.​
  • Observing systems development including bio-optics, acoustics and eco genomics.​
  • Benthic and pelagic ecology of temperate and tropical coastal ecosystems.​
  • Biogeochemical analyses and processes including contaminants, phytoplankton biochemistry and ecology and food ​
  • Marine resource assessment, including spatial marine planning and multiple-use management.​
  • Coastal informatics and visualisation of complex data.​
  • Quantitative benthic and pelagic ecology including stock assessment, fish biogeography and spatial dynamics for ecosystem characterization. ​
  • Application and development of observational technologies, including genomics, optical-acoustic systems and underwater visual systems.​
  • Marine resource economics, including statistical and risk-based approaches for resource management.​
  • The development and application of appropriate modelling tools to support the tactical and strategic decisions to be made by our clients for the appropriate management of our marine ecosystems.  Our spectrum of modelling tools ranges from simple to highly complex with the latter including a ‘whole of system’ model that incorporates coupled biophysical and socioeconomic components.

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Research Domains

Our research activity and reputation is in eleven main areas, termed domains. These recognise the external need for long-term understanding of our science delivery, through development of new project ideas, to assist uptake of science, and provide networking and policy guidance.  Each one is represented by a senior scientist who contributes to its strategic development, and with colleagues, to the set of COR domains.










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Portfolio Lead:  Bec Gorton

Staff who make up the Digital Capability within O&A are involved in almost all areas of O&A science. They play a key role in enabling and delivering O&A science, with a focus on delivery of science impact, and addressing internal and external client needs.

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