Other Research Pages

A listing of other research pages associated with our ocean and coastal research.

We are using machine learning to solve expanding challenges in the marine science domain due to growing data volumes, increased data complexity and reduced data quality.

Our research seeks to support conservation of marine biodiversity; management of multiple activities in the marine environment; and sustainable use of marine resources

Developing new insights, approaches, understanding and tools that can help marine scientists, managers and policy makers prepare for future challenges

MICE is part of the ecosystem modelling toolbox to support tactical management decisions in fisheries and conservation

Research that furthers our understanding, management and protection of coastal and marine ecosystems, and empowers community and governments to reduce litter entering our oceans.

CSIRO provides support to the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) to undertake fishery risk assessments for Commonwealth fisheries

Atlantis an ecosystem model that considers all parts of marine ecosystems – biophysical, economic and social