Regulations at your address

How to find the regulations that apply to you, if you live in Victoria

This page provides a short step-by-step tutorial of how to find bushfire overlay information in Victoria. Follow the steps below to identify the controls that may apply at your address.

Identifying all applicable overlays and schedules that intersect with your property will guide many of your decisions and identify any constraints related to your design and development process. To identify your relevant overlays:

  1. Search for your property using
  2. Ensure all overlays and zones are selected in the left hand panel

For more information, see VicPlan help

A report of your relevant planning controls will guide your development and design process. This report should include your property’s details, planning zones, list of planning overlays, Bushfire Prone Area status, and a map showing the extent of the designated BPA in your area. To create this report:

  1. Select ‘Create Planning Property Report” from the top of the left hand panel at VicPlan
  2. Save or print the automatically generated report

The siting and design of your build might be constrained by the planning and building regulations at your location. Identifying these constraints early in the planning phase will minimise the need for later redesigns.

  1. Print or download our checklist
  2. Complete the section on Regulatory Context as best you can
  3. Add all relevant information to your checklist, including your BMO and BPA status, and other constraints such as easements, vegetation protection overlays and heritage overlays
  4. Consider and add all things that will influence your siting and design