Preparing for bushfire

Follow these simple steps to prepare yourself and your home for bushfire

When it comes to being prepared for bushfires, safety starts in your own backyard.

Planning for bushfire

It is crucial to start planning for bushfire well ahead of the bushfire season. This includes preparing your home to survive the fire and just as importantly, planning what you and your household will do if threatened by fire or a Code Red fire day. Remember that a bushfire may arrive at any time of the day and on any day of the week. Think of an overall plan and consider what you and your family might do under different scenarios. For more information on planning for bushfire, visit the State Government of Victoria’s website, Plan and prepare for fire.

Preparing your home for bushfire

Every year large parts of Australia will face extreme bushfire conditions. No home is guaranteed to be 100% bushfire safe, but there are ways to address some of the weak links that a bushfire might exploit. The Country Fire Authority (CFA) provides extensive information on how to prepare your property for bushfire. We also recommend this short blog article by a CSIRO bushfire expert, which provides steps to help prepare your home.

Private bushfire shelters

Private bushfire shelter (PBS) can provide a temporary place of refuge for people. It is a last resort option that can be use to protect you and your family during the passage of fire front. If you live in a bushfire prone area, a PBS could be part of your overall bushfire plan. More information on PBS’ is available from the Victorian Building Authority, the CFA and the Siting shelters section of this Guide.

A person removing dried leaves from a metal gutter.

Clearing leaves and other combustible debris is a simple but important step when preparing your home for bushfire (source: xshot/Shutterstock)