Siting & design

Design essentials to mitigate bushfire hazard

There are several hazards that you should consider when designing your home, these include flame contact, radiation exposure (heat), ember attack, tree strike, wind attack, smoke/toxicity exposure, and consequential fire.

Bushfire hazards can come from the broader landscape, or from the vegetation and built elements on your own or adjoining properties. Your first objectives should be to limit your homes exposure to these hazards through siting and landscaping. If exposure is still an issue, create a design that mitigates:

  • ember attack
  • surface fire
  • secondary (“consequential”) fire
  • heat exposure from vegetation and other combustible elements
  • tree strike
  • wind exposure
  • flame exposure, especially to vulnerable parts of the house
  • exposure to toxic smoke
  • any gaps or breaks in the building’s envelope
  • anything that makes it harder for residents and emergency services to access the house and property.