Building & planning regulations

An overview of the building and planning regulations in place across Australia

Each Australian state and territory sets its own building and planning regulations. These regulations include provisions to improve the communities resilience to bushfires by specifying what can be built in which locations.

This section of the Bushfire Best Practise Guide describes the different building and planning regulations in place across Australia, with a focus on Victoria. We show you how to go beyond the mandatory building and planning regulations in your state or territory, to further reduce the risk to your property.

If you are planning any significant works, including a new build, retrofit, demolition, vegetation clearance or earthwork, it is likely that state or territory building codes and urban planning provisions will apply. These regulations are designed to improve your communities resilience to bushfires. It is your responsibility as the homeowner to determine what regulations apply to your property and situation. If you are unsure about what to do, your local council or local fire authority can be a good source of information.

It is necessary to understand the full regulatory controls relevant for your property, not just the regulations related to bushfires. Understanding the broader regulations may influence how you decide to deal with bushfires. Print or download our checklist to collect information on your regulatory context as you read through this section of the Bushfire Best Practise Guide.