Data access


When publishing results that have been generated using CSIRO Bluelink data, please include acknowledgement to CSIRO Bluelink.

Example acknowledgement, “BRAN data has been used in this study. BRAN is made freely available by CSIRO Bluelink and is supported by the Bluelink¬†Partnership: a collaboration between the Australian Department of¬†Defence, Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO.

If you are using our data, we’d like to hear from you! Please let us know your organisation and how you intend to use the data. Send us an email at


The latest global reanalysis BRAN2020 was released in May 2021. The initial dataset spans 1993 to 2019; however, it is periodically extended to recent months. Currently, the dataset extends to the end of 2021.

External users can access the data at the NCI data catalogue. This provides a description of the dataset and access via a Thredds server.

A paper by Chamberlain et al. (2021) has further details and results.

Users of output are encouraged to join the BRAN-users Google Group. (Log into Google, then click ‘Ask to join the group’.)


The previous reanalysis BRAN2016 spanned January 1994 to August 2016. It has been superceded by BRAN2020.

Blue Maps

Blue Maps delivers gridded estimates of ocean temperature, salinity, and sea-level with the accuracy of an observation-based product.

A paper by Oke et al. (2021) describes the system.

Data is now available on the NCI data catalogue.

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