The Bluelink project comprises three main research teams – focused on global, regional and littoral modelling and prediction activities – and the systems engineering team. These teams are supported by the project management group.


Global Oceans Science Team

Led by Peter Oke

Matt Chamberlain

  • Matt develops and tests ocean modelling methods against observations to improve model accuracy.

Russell Fiedler

  • Russ is an ocean model developer and HPC expert.

Activity Leader

  • Peter is a research oceanographer and ocean data assimilation expert.


Regional Science Team

Led by Emlyn Jones

  • Jack is a software engineer skilled in web-based data visualisation systems.
  • David is a research scientist and physical oceanographer with a focus on mesoscale phenomena.

Project Leader and Activity Leader

  • Emlyn is a research scientist and marine environmental modeller with a strong interest in the interaction between physical and biogeochemical processes in coastal zones.
  • Tatiana is a scientist specialising in ocean processes.

Blake Seers

  • Blake is an experimental scientist who tells stories with data.

Marcus Thatcher

  • Marcus is an atmospheric modeller and research scientist.


Littoral Science Team

Led by Ron Hoeke

  • Paul is a research scientist who develops and tests techniques for modelling coastal phenomena.
  • Stephanie is a littoral scientist with expertise in near-shore model systems.
  • Vanessa is a wave modeller and coastal extremes research scientist.

Activity Leader

  • Ron is a research scientist specialising in coastal processes.
  • Claire is a scientist skilled in running and assessing a range of environmental models.


Systems Engineering Team

Co-led by Simon Pigot and Gary Carroll

Activity Co-Leader

  • Gary is a software developer with a focus on data engineering.

Simon Pigot

Activity Co-Leader

  • Simon is a system architect and software engineer.
  • Farhan builds systems to run model applications and present output to users.

Roger Scott

  • Roger is a scientific programmer and solution developer.


Project Management

Led by Edward King

Project Leader and Activity Leader

  • Edward is a remote sensing scientist and is responsible for project management.

Project Coordinator

  • Tracey is project coordinator in a number of CSIRO Bluelink projects, and helps oil the wheels in the Bluelink portfolio and partnership.

Deputy Director & Science Director, Oceans & Atmosphere

  • Brett leads CSIRO participation in the Bluelink Management Committee.


Honorary Fellow

Honorary Fellow