The Bluelink Partnership

The goal of Bluelink is to:

“Develop and maintain world-leading global, regional, and littoral ocean forecast systems to support Defence applications and maintain a national ocean forecasting capability for Australia.”

The Bluelink program combines state-of-the art ocean observing systems – satellite altimetry, satellite SST, autonomous Argo floats – with the latest modelling and data assimilation technology to estimate the three-dimensional ocean circulation.

The stated objectives of Bluelink are:

  1. Sustainment of world-leading global and high-resolution ocean-atmosphere-wave forecasts.
  2. Enhance ocean forecasting capabilities through a portfolio of research and development activities.
  3. Collaborate as strong partners in the ocean forecasting enterprise, to generate synergies from partner efforts and provide leadership for the benefit of Australia.

For more details, please see the Bluelink Strategic Plan.