Security made more efficient with Artificial Intelligence

March 17th, 2023

Behaviour recognition AI is the future of security and surveillance as believed by this start-up.

The tech start-up Asilla founded by Vietnamese and Japanese engineers was one of the five recipients of the AI Awards at AI4VN 2022, Vietnam’s leading platform for AI tech, as voted by the AI community and chosen by experts. The AI Awards was sponsored by Aus4Innovation as part of the Program’s agenda to bring forward the role of AI in Vietnam.

Asilla’s AI solution supports a wide range of monitoring tasks such as intrusion detection, blacklist registration, person search and suspicious behavior detection and it is compatible with existing surveillance cameras.

Moreover, Asilla’s SDK solution is also a package of future-proof technologies that allows users to implement new features in their applications without the need to understand inner technologies. It enables efficient operation monitoring, reduces labor costs associated with monitoring and improves safety and security through highly accurate real-time processing.

Asilla’s different products for clients of different scales are now gaining international attention. The company set an ambitious goal of becoming “World No. 1” in the field of behavior recognition and expanding it all over the world. Let’s wish them the best!

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