Policy Exchange 2

August 4th, 2021


Innovation Centre Model Partnership Grants

Aus4Innovation is calling out to Australian organisations to partner with Vietnam’s Institute for Science, Technology and Innovation (VISTI) to develop a model for VISTI’s pilot Innovation Centre – most preferably through contextualising relevant proven models and best practices in Australia.

VISTI is a public scientific research facility directly under Vietnam’s Ministry of Science and Technology, focusing on scientific research, technology and innovation, providing education at master’s and doctoral levels and training on professional management of science, technology and innovation; supporting and implementing innovation and start-up activities; consulting and providing science and technology related services.

VISTI’s objective is to develop an innovation centre focused on raising the innovation capacity of Vietnam’s small and medium enterprises with key outcomes expected to be:

  • Demonstrate an Innovation centre model that is self-sustained in the long run;
  • Provide policy recommendations to support the Vietnamese innovation ecosystem by enabling similar centres across the country.

A funding package of up to AUD 150,000 will be available for this grant for the period between Sep/ Oct 2021 – Aug/Sep 2022.

Key information about the grant and how to apply are below:

Applications must be submitted before 11:59 Monday 30 Aug 2021 (AEST). For any further questions, or requests for clarification on the Guidelines or application process, please email the Aus4Innovation Program: aus4innovation@csiro.au