No longer science fiction, Artificial Intelligence is transforming healthcare!

September 26th, 2020

Imagine that by wearing a medical device, combined with AI, your doctor will be able to better understand your day-to-day patterns and needs and so provide you with improved treatment options. Or that a trained healthcare professional will be able to review data from a patient in a country that has a shortage of radiologists and give timely and accurate prognosis from afar. AI is even helping speed up the time to market for new drugs.

In order to promote the application of AI in healthcare in Vietnam, yesterday, the Ministry of Science and Technology and VNExpress organised an online seminar on AI research and its application in disease diagnosis and treatment in Vietnam with the support of Australia’s #Aus4Innovation program. The event saw the participation of multiple medical and tech experts, including Australian scientist – Mr David Hansen, CEO, Australian e-Health Research Center (CSIRO) – who shared about CSIRO’s National Digital Health Program, with specific case studies on AI and Machine Learning application.

This seminar, which is part of AI4VN Program, can be viewed online here: