Management of National park improved with Tech

December 22nd, 2022

Tram Chim National Park is one of the five largest national parks in Vietnam with a habitat of over 230 bird and 130 fish species, including the iconic and endangered Sarus Crane. However, the extreme weather conditions and the diverse large area of the Park hamper its efficient management.

A project funded by Aus4Innovation and implemented by The University of Wollongong and Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology has provided a solution that uses an environmental monitoring system to   monitor the health of the Park’s ecosystem on a daily basis and assist the staff to make efficient informed decisions to protect the parks’ ecosystem.

 The system allows timely access to important information on factors as water, soil, and air quality, along with the number of birds, and even early detection of fires. In addition, the Park’s rangers and staff are now well trained to operate the system which includes monitoring stations, aerial and aquatic drones.

Realising the impact of the project, Dong Thap province has decided to provide additional funding to extend the project’s solution in other areas of the Park.