First-ever AI ranking of universities in Vietnam

December 5th, 2022

Vietnam is introducing its first-ever ranking of universities and research institutes in ICT and AI.

The ranking on information and communications technology (ICT) and artificial intelligence (AI) applies to research and higher education institutes, following the CSRanking model in the US with modifications to the context in Vietnam.

The project “Develop the ranking of published capacity in the field of ICT, and AI of research and higher education institutions in Vietnam” is led by the Ministry of Science and Technology and funded by Aus4Innovation program.

Experts and scientists from the project have released a test ranking, temporarily called ICTRanking (Vietnam). The rankings are based on data and ranking of knowledge institutes together with their researchers through a list of prestigious scientific journals and conferences. The database of researchers was obtained from the DBLP database (database archive of computer science). Using ranking software and algorithms, the points for all institutes can be calculated which generates the ranking list.

The project is developed and implemented by the Department of High Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Thuy Loi University, FISU Club and Vietnam Informatics Association.