Circular economy in Catfish industry

December 8th, 2022

Vietnam’s Tra Catfish industry is bouncing back with a forecasted export revenue of 2.6 billion USD for 2022. But this industry is also producing tons of by-products such as fish head, bones, fins, skin and organs.
Western Sydney University and the Research Institute for Aquaculture No.2 (Ho Chi Minh City) have worked together with industry partners to turn these by-products into fishmeal, completing a circular economy model. Using computer models to predict the quality and yield of fishmeal produced from different mixtures of catfish by-products, the #Aus4Innovation funded project has successfully created a low-cost high-value product that will help reduce high feed costs for farmers and the negative impact of the catfish processing industry on the environment. The technology and computer models will be made available for commercial processing and feed-mill enterprises to purchase.