Australia supports mangrove aquaculture development

January 29th, 2021

A project to develop an environment monitoring system for mangrove aquaculture (AQUAM) was started this month in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta.

The #Aus4Innovation funded project aims to provide information on management of mangrove forests and sustainable aquaculture towards improving livelihoods and resilience of coastal communities to climate change. The project is being implemented in Ca Mau province by Australia’s University of Queensland and the Greenfield Consulting and Development Ltd (GFD).

Mangrove aquaculture systems are more sustainable than other forms of aquaculture, especially in the Mekong Delta, but heavily depend on quality natural tidal water. If tidal water is polluted, low in oxygen, infected with pathogens, or affected by salinity changes then this poses risks to both aquatic species and mangrove trees. Monitoring of water quality is critical to support farmers’ decision making while optimising productivity. #PartnershipsForRecovery