Australia supports global agritechs to scale up in Vientnam

August 12th, 2021

GRAFT Challenge Vietnam 2021, funded by Australia’s #Aus4Innovation program, was designed to find innovative technology solutions from all around the world to address the most pressing agrifood challenges in Vietnam. After a competitive and inspiring challenge – with applicants coming from 16 countries including the USA, Israel, Australia, India, and Thailand – nine leading agritech scale-ups were selected.

Solutions from the chosen scale-ups include: integrated IoT solutions to improve water quality in local aquaculture systems; microbial solutions for environmentally-friendly crop health management; and microclimate monitoring and control systems for safer and more energy-efficient piggeries.

This August the nine scale-ups will begin receiving GRAFT’s 15-week program of tailored support, during which a network of in-market experts will provide bespoke consultation to help the scale-ups validate their technologies. This phase of the program will culminate with the scale-ups presenting their solutions to Vietnamese agricultural corporations at an intensive week-long roadshow.

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