Aus4Innovation signs new partnership agreement with Can Tho University

March 5th, 2021

After a successful 2020 partnership, Can Tho University (CTU) and Aus4Innovation have signed a new agreement for 2021.

Can Tho University is one of three universities partnering with Aus4Innovation’s Science Commercialisation Partnerships program to build capability in inclusive science commercialisation practices.

Throughout 2020 the Science Commercialisation Partnerships team provided training and mentoring to individual research teams within the university. They also supported with the university’s Technology Transfer Services to build and strengthen connections with industry, commercialise university solutions, agree innovation support priorities, and strengthen capability for researchers across the university.

This training was delivered through Commercialisation PLUS training.

Examples of success achieved in the last year include:

  • Signing and implementing a number of MOUs with industry partners that incorporate student exchanges designed to help shape the future of industrial research and science commercialisation.  In the last quarter a MoU signed with a large fertiliser company resulted in company employees enrolling in a PhD (x1) and a College of Technology master’s degrees (x70).  As part of these courses employees and students will complete research projects identified and agreed as challenges for the company.
  • Establishment of an ongoing partnership between CTU and the National Health Organisation Tech Company Can Tho (NHO) to explore how collaborating with a private sector intermediary such as NHO can enable industry led innovation collaborations in the agriculture and food sector. To date, this partnership has led to more than 20 projects, worth over VND 6 billion.  In addition to this, NHO has supported employees to enrol as students at CTU, helping to build stronger connections between the two organisations.

A priority for the new partnership agreement is broadening the research projects to include more Can Tho University institutes and colleges.

The Science Commercialisation Partnerships team providing training and mentoring to Can Tho University teams.