Commercialisation PLUS

Science commercialisation is about researchers and industry working together to take a technology solution to market and into use. The Commercialisation PLUS approach is based on inclusive innovation principles. Looking beyond commercial outcomes, Commercialisation PLUS also considers societal and environmental impacts.

Aus4Innovation partners have developed the Commercialisation PLUS How-to Guide – the first practical guide for Vietnamese researchers on how to launch their research into use in an inclusive way.

CSIRO with Vietnamese partners co-developed and tested the how-to guide for taking their own research to market. The guide includes a set of practical tools and resources based on global good practice and up-to-date legal and regulatory information for Vietnam.

An English and Vietnamese version of the guide is accessible online to help guide researchers through the process, with tools and advice on where to find relevant information and expertise. The Vietnamese version of the guide is also available in hard copy through the National Agency for Technology, Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation (NATEC).

The Commercialisation PLUS approach is used by many different researchers to successfully commercialise their research. The Commercialisation PLUS process supported them to bring their research to market and achieve broader social and environmental benefits.

“By using the Commercialisation Plus approach I gained a lot of knowledge and have applied it to the commercialisation of the fruit and vegetable technology and its products, specifically in finding partners, negotiating contracts and registering Intellectual Property. Many scientists think they need to start commercialising their products when they are complete, but in reality, you can start even it is just an idea” said Tran Thi Dinh, Head of Department of Food Processing Technology at Vietnam National University of Agriculture and Chair of the Food Science and Technology Network between Vietnam and Belgium (VBFoodNet).

In late 2022, NATEC launched training courses for researchers and scientists in leading universities and research institutes in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The course is based on the Commercialisation PLUS approach, tools, case studies and lessons learnt from practice. There are plans to expand the course to researchers in other regions.