Accessing Atlantis

For those interested in understanding what Atlantis is and how it can be used, an overview paper can be found here (link to journal). The manual is also available –  part 1 (14.5 MB) covers the ecological system and part 2 (2 MB) covers the human components (check the wiki if you want to make sure you have the latest versions).

To become an Atlantis user you need to register (for free) with the Atlantis development group. If the link doesn’t auto-connect to email for you please check if you have a pop-up blocker turned on in your browser. Alternatively, right click on the text “email to developers” and select the option “copy email”.

When you send the email, please be sure that the email contains your name, affiliation and a quick line on why you are interested. This is important for us to provide you the best possible support – it will not affect access, which is free of charge regardless.

Once registered you can access the Atlantis wiki.

If you’re a wiki user and need to regenerate a password (they expire every 3 months), please go here.

Or for visit related pages on Atlantis (largely reproduced here now), InVitro (another ecosystem model developed by researchers at CSIRO) and Management Strategy Evaluation.