Usage To Date

Systems where Atlantis is in use or under development (orange) or proposed (blue).

Atlantis has been used in 40+ systems round the world, from small estuaries to large ocean regions. Many of the models have been in temperate marine ecosystems, but there are also models for polar regions, tropical reefs and even lakes.

Different topics explored using Atlantis

The modelling approach has primarily been used to address fisheries management questions (e.g. appropriate strategic management options for regional fisheries), but is increasingly being used to consider other facets of how marine systems function or are used.

More Information

Table 1: Systems modelled using Atlantis and how those models have been employed. (Bold indicates show case examples, italics indicates a model in scoping or early stages of development)

System  Complexity

 Understanding (& invasives)

System-MSE  Fisheries  Nutrients

Mining & Energy

Multiple Use

 Pollution & Ecotoxicology

Climate & Acidification

 Catchments  Indicators  Management
Port Phillip Bay (Australia)
South-east Australia
Westernport (Australia)
Victoria (Australia)
Eastern Tasmania (Australia)
New South Wales shelf (Australia)
Clarence River (Australia)
South-west Australia
Northeast United States
Chesapeake Bay (USA)
California Current (USA and Canada)
Central California (USA)
Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) (Mexico)
The Channel (English Channel)
Norwegian Sea
North Sea
Barents Sea
Mediterranean (Sicily)
Gulf of Mexico
Great Lakes
Coral Sea
Tasman Bay/Golden Bay (New Zealand)
Great Barrier Reef
Derwent River and Storm Bay (Australia)
Mediterranean (Spainish coast)
Basque waters (Bay Biscay)
Juan Fernandez Archipelago (Chile)
Lake Victoria
Gladstone Harbour (Australia)
Strait of Georgia and Puget Sound
Salish Sea (Canada)
Great Australian Bight
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