Summit Logistics

Online Meeting

The Summit will be virtual. Live sessions will run via Microsoft Teams, and all communication will happen via Slack. We recommend you install the Microsoft Teams app, rather than connecting through the web browser. You will receive an invitation to Slack via email (please check your spam boxes if you don’t see it).   If you don’t receive this Slack invitation, please email the Summit Steering Committee at

Please see the Slack Channels, organized by theme based on the Summit agenda. For easy access to and up to date information about the Summit, see pinned posts in the #announcements channel, and also the channels for #code-of-conduct and #slack-tips (for an introduction to using Slack).

Time Zones

The Summit is happening around the clock, May 2-6, organized in 4 time zones. To enable each time zone to have live interaction with the zone east and west of it, each of the 4 time zones has two sessions per day – some early in the morning or late at night.  Here are the time blocks for each of the 4 time zones: 

  • UTC+2 (such as Bergen, Norway): 0830-1200 and 1300-1600
  • UTC+10 (such as Hobart, Australia): 1630-2000 and 0900-1200
  • UTC-4 (such as US East Coast): 0700-1000 and 1200-1500
  • UTC-7 (such as US West Coast): 0900-1200 and 1600-1900

Training Session will be May 9-11, on these time zones (virtual and also recorded): 

Choose either the session in the Bergen-Hobart times or the US East-US West: 

  • Session 1:  Bergen Norway 0830-1200/  Hobart, Australia 1630-2000
  • Session 2: US East Coast 1200-1500/ US West Coast  0900-1200

Please watch the #announcements slack channel for the detailed schedule for your time zone.

What’s Next?

  • Please check the agenda, noting your time zone and any talks you will give. 
  • All talks should be uploaded by April 18  via this Google Form.  All talks should be uploaded ahead of time, even if you will give your talk live as well. 
  • Uploaded talks should include your recorded audio. This can be handled in Powerpoint, or with Zoom/QuickTime screencasts, or the format of your choice.  Please name your file like: Day1_Roundtable_Surname.pptx, Day2_IntellectualExchange_Surname.pptx, Day3_Keynote_Surname.pptx etc. 
  • Presentation formats 
    • General and lightning talks: Please upload a 15 minute recorded talk, even if you will also be presenting live.  Please end your presentations with a list of questions or points of discussion. 
    • Keynote Talks: Please upload a 20-30 minute recorded talk. Please end your presentations with a list of questions or points of discussion.


Meeting Venue

There will be two in person meeting sites – IMR in Bergen, Norway and Hobart, Australia.

However as we are not encouraging travel (given COVID) if you would like to have details on logistics please contact Holly Perryman or email the summit organisation team.