Real Time Signal Processing

To achieve higher data rates wireless systems are using increasingly complex algorithms that can send data more reliably, using less of the crowded radio spectrum. Implementing these algorithms in real time can easily exceed the capabilities of computer software and require parallel-processing implemented with Field Programmable Gate Array firmware. CSIRO’s wireless group are experienced at reducing complex algorithms to functioning software and firmware. Our skills include:

  • FPGA Firmware design and implementation
  • DSP software with co-designed FPGA and CPU software
  • Radio, Networking software and communication stacks
  • Unix/Linux embedded software and GUI applications
  • Real-time operating systems
  • Windows Applications for real-time data visualisation
  • Hand-held applications for hardware interaction
  • Experience with many hardware platforms – PC, Zynq, DSP, micorocontroller
  • Developing and debugging custom processing platforms.