Wireless Systems

Modern wireless systems are a mixture of radio equipment, digital electronics and software in various proportions depending on the required application. Design and implementation of cutting-edge wireless systems requires a group with skills in all these areas. CSIRO’s wireless group are experts in the interaction of computer software and electronic hardware with skills in software, operating systems, communications protocols, electronic hardware design and construction, systems design, radio devices, firmware and computer networking. Our recent projects include:
hardware & software to control radio telescope antenna phased array

  • software to monitor in-home energy consumption as part of a DSL modem
  • 5Gbit/sec and 10Gbit/sec millimeter wave radio: firmware and radio software
  • Custom gigabit optical interfaces
  • Software Defined Networking: software that can replace expensive Cisco/Juniper routers
  • Wireless Tracking: software, hardware, firmware for one of most accurate systems available
  • Phone apps and low power hardware for cardiac rehabilitation.