Announcing the Robotics Australia Network

February 10th, 2020

Over 90 people from across Australia and internationally met last November to initiate an independent Australian Robotics Network.

Attendees representing educational & research institutions, government bodies, along with several SMEs and large companies working across research, prototyping, product development, deployment, as well as end-users of robotics and automation technologies participated in the meeting.

The Robotics Australia Network replaces the former Sixth Wave Alliance with the purpose of accelerating the growth of our domestic robotics industry, providing Australia with new employment opportunities, high-value global skills and capabilities, and technological sovereignty.

We aspire to see an Australian robotics industry that supports the strength and competitiveness of our domestic industries; including mining, energy, agriculture, manufacturing, construction, avionics, defence, and many more.

Whilst Australia has strong robotics and automation capabilities it still requires a more rapid adoption of robotics and automation via focussed efforts on education, workforce upskilling and job changes, positive narrative, cultural mindset, skill shortage, remoteness challenges, risk, safety and efficiency gains.

By addressing these aspects, stronger collaboration has the potential to raise Australia’s domestic and international profile in robotics given our existing capabilities, unique economic and geographic features (resources industry, low population density, remoteness, extreme environments), and a strong demand already in place for these technologies.

The network will have four main objectives:

  1. Promote and facilitate the creation of a robotics manufacturing and technology industry in Australia;
  2. Support existing Australian robotics and automation companies and encourage collaboration;
  3. Increase the adoption of robotics technology across Australia, including in SME supply chains;
  4. Develop and foster a positive social narrative in Australia around robotics.

Despite a national focus, the Network will collaborate through state-based representatives via technology clusters and research hubs, in both metropolitan and regional areas. This will support local input into the robotics supply chain.

With 2020 seeing the formation of the Robotics Australian Network as well as the development of a second edition of the Robotics Roadmap for Australia, it will be a great year for Robotics in Australia.

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