Amazon 360: testing self-navigation in a novel landscape

September 10th, 2018

Recently, members of our robotics team travelled to the Amazon rainforest to test a network of sensors, alongside a new autonomous legged robot. This robot was being trialled to see if it could navigate tricky terrain without direct guidance from an operator.
By using their testing footage, we’ve put together a quick show-reel of clips below from their science adventure.
At D61+ Live, our annual premier tech showcase here in Brisbane, September 18-19, the team will be running an exciting booth.
It’ll have plenty of robotic devices including: world-leading 3D Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping systems (SLAM), stationary and moving legged robots, autonomous ground vehicles such as ‘Gator’ and drone technology.We’ll post more down the line – for now, make sure you register for D61+ Live to see our robotics IRL.