Our Post Doctoral Fellows

  • Bounce Forward: The future of resilience for Australians
  • Responsible Innovation in Nature and Function of Human Trust in Collaborative Intelligence
  • Community aspects of a responsible transition to hydrogen in Australia

Dr Henry Dixson

  • Responsible Innovation in Synthetic Biology

Past Post Doctoral Fellows

Dr Jennifer Macdonald

  • Responsible Artificial Intelligence and Innovation

    February 2020 - February 2023

Dr John Viana

  • Responsible Innovation in Precision Health

    January 2020 - April 2023

Dr David Douglas

  • Responsible Innovation in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

    April 2019- April 2022

Dr Yuwan Malakar

  • Risk Governance of Future Technologies

    March 2019 – March 2022

Dr Amelia Radke

  • Responsible Innovation and the Movement of Emerging Technologies Across Ethical, Legal, and Social Borders

    April 2019 – April 2022

Dr Artem Anyshchenko

  • Legal and Regulatory Aspects of Synthetic Biology for Sustainable Agriculture

    November 2019 - July 2021

Dr Tara Robertson

  • Responsible Innovation: Societal Aspects of Quantum Technology

    February 2020 – August 2021