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Research Director

  • Dr Lacey leads CSIRO’s Responsible Innovation Future Science Platform; a research program examining the interface between science, technology innovation and the associated ethical, social and legal consequences of new and disruptive science and technologies. CSIRO’s Future Science Platforms aim to develop the early stage science that underpins disruptive innovation and has the potential to reinvent and create new industries for Australia.

Principal Research Scientist

  • Dr Robinson leads and supports a number of initiatives that provide practical examples of how to accelerate innovation with ideas that value and enable diversity. This includes research with Indigenous and remote rural communities and scientists to accelerate collaboration and innovation to achieve to enable a total system health approach for Northern Australian regions.

Principal Research Scientist

  • Dr Barber is an environmental anthropologist in Land and Water. He has 20 years field research experience with Aboriginal Australians, focused on water issues, livelihood development, and building contemporary Indigenous cultural and natural resource management.

Research Scientist and Social and Interdisciplinary Science Human Research Ethics Coordinator

  • Dr Coates works with the ethics team within the Science Impact and Policy group, as one of the Social and Interdisciplinary Science Human Research Ethics Coordinators. She also works with the Responsible Innovation Future Science Platform on topics related to ethics and social responsibility at the intersection of science, society and technology.

Research Scientist

  • Dr Fielke conducts applied human geographical research into the implications of the digitalisation of agricultural innovation systems. The domain of digital agtech helps build on conceptualisations of 'Responsible Innovation' and what they mean for the practice of research and development into the future.

Social Scientist

  • Dr Walton is social scientist with CSIRO’s Adaptive Communities and Industries group. Since commencing with CSIRO in 2011, her work has included social science research into community resilience and wellbeing, social licence to operate, social acceptance and trust, and perceptions of risk and benefits in relation to contested industries.

Social Scientist

  • Dr McCrea is a social scientist with the Sustainability Pathways Program, CSIRO Land and Water. His broad research interests interface between environments (natural and man-made) and human attitudes and behaviour; and his fields of research expertise include: urban quality of life, regional community wellbeing and resilience, social licence to operate, and more recently, public perceptions of responsible innovation.

Behavioural Scientist

  • Dr Sinead Golley is a behavioural scientist who joined the CSIRO in May 2009. Her particular expertise lies in the areas of social-cognitive and applied health psychology, with specialised understanding of the relationship between implicit cognitive processes, in particular the use of heuristic knowledge structures, and subsequent biases in attitudes, attributions and decision making. Her current research topics include the understanding the drivers of food choice, in particular food avoidance, acceptance of novel technologies in relation to food, and also individual differences with relevance to health attitudes and their impact on (multiple) health behaviours.

Research Scientist

  • Dr Sarah Bentley is a Research Scientist at CSIRO’s Data61, specializing in the application of a social psychological lens to our understanding of responsible AI. Sarah works from a social identity perspective, in which human outcomes are investigated from within their social context. Working under the Responsible Innovation Future Science Platform, Sarah’s research focuses on the intersection of emerging technologies with the humans, groups and societies that have the most to gain or lose from them.

Research Scientist

Research Scientist

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