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Researcher Dr Yuwan Malakar presenting a lecture

In this new paper, DR YUWAN MALAKAR examines the interconnected nature of risk and responsibility in the research and development […]

A black woman scientists stands in the lab with folded arms, slightly smiling into the camera while her two colleagues work in the background.

A fascinating panel discussion on responsible innovation, and what fresh promise it holds for government, research, and industry.

A composite image of Simon, who is on the left wearing a plaid shirt and speaking into a microphone, and Cara, who is on the right, wearing a white shirt and a scarf and holding a microphone while smiling.

DR CARA STITZLEIN and DR SIMON FIELKE join a diverse panel on The Digital Village Show to discuss responsible innovation in the AgTech space.

A man in a collared shirt and dark trousers presents to an audience. The slide beside him shows a summary of his research.

Mitchell Scovell has conducted research into community perceptions of hydrogen, which is important to know as companies and governments scale up the hydrogen industry in Australia. So do we love it or…?

A group of CSIRO staff gathered on a stage in front of a banner that reads 'Something Digital'. Some are sitting, some are standing, all are smiling at the camera wearing their conference passes.

Researchers from the Responsible Innovation Future Science Platform and beyond gathered in Brisbane for a festival of big ideas.

An aerial view of the city of Canterbury: the Cathedral stands out in the centre of town. The sky is overcast and beyond the city limits lie fields of green.

Along with an emerging global community of interest, DR MELANIE MCGRATH is exploring how to take AI from tool to team mate.

Six women gathered in the Australian bush smile together. One holds a small dog in her lap and another, wearing a rangers uniform, holds a clipboard.

With digital technologies and Elders’ guidance, Indigenous rangers are learning how to responsibly monitor important species and habitats on-Country, through the Healthy Country AI and Digital Impact Program.

A table with plates of different food, viewed from above. Hands reach to take food from the plates.

With new forms of sustenance required to meet the nutritional needs of a growing global population, SINÉAD GOLLEY explores the psychology of food choice, and the role of Responsible Innovation in shaping the foods of the future.

A man - Dr David Douglas - stands beside a screen with the first slide of a presentation. He looks to the right and smiles slightly.

Presenting at the 2023 forum for Philosophy, Engineering, and Technology, DR DAVID DOUGLAS shared insights from current research defining ethical responsibilities and risks in relation to new technologies.