Current Projects

Quantum computer

How ready are Australian industry sectors for the arrival of quantum technologies? 

Light blue avatars glow against a dark blue background, connected by thin straight lines, representing a social network during global health challenges.

How can societies ‘bounce forward’ and build resilience amid global health challenges?

Brightly coloured strings of purple, yellow, orange and red entwine together to form a human head in profile, against a grey background.

Designing, developing, and deploying AI ethically, responsibly, and inclusively, requires us to understand the social dynamics that will shape its […]

Investigating how researchers see the benefits and impacts of automating science with artificial intelligence (AI).

There is growing interest in how humans and artificial intelligence (AI) can work together in teams that maximise the strengths of each.

3D Printer Printing Prototypes

Socially acceptable and socially responsible science and technology, who to engage and when

Network of business concept.

Understanding public perceptions of science and technology which enables responsible research and innovation

Ensuring a responsible hydrogen transition by anticipating public attitudes towards different hydrogen energy technologies