Current Projects

A dugong swims in calm blue waters, with light from the surface reflected on its skin.

Developing omics-based eco-surveillance tools to improve how we detect and respond to contaminants in marine wildlife and ecosystems.

Green plantation, aerial view

How might we reconsider the data and information underpinning climate disclosures (and the work required to generate them), to assure robust claim making and integrity of action?

Beyond the physical and economic consequences of our changing climate, researchers are developing new ways to account for systemic, cascading risks such as geo-political unrest.

We need an understanding of the key questions being asked by Australian space science experts, as well as new methods to collect and analyse knowledge in ways that are rigorous, robust and repeatable.

We are developing new scientific methods to test ways to manage community conflict management around new technologies such as offshore wind.  

Medical monitoring machine in an intensive care unit in hospital

AI-powered tools hold great potential, but clinicians must be able to trust the explanations that AI gives for its results.

Two researchers sitting at a model looking at statistical computer models.

By developing better statistical models that can help explain and predict human behaviour, we can create a responsible hydrogen industry.

Four people dressed in smart business attire stand on a plush blue carpet

Australia’s first National Quantum Strategy is underway - how can we ensure it fulfils its commitment to responsible innovation?

An aerial view of a coastal region with sediment visible in the water.

Identifying responsible pathways for the development and deployment of novel carbon dioxide removal technologies

Quantum computer

How ready are Australian industry sectors for the arrival of quantum technologies?