The Future Science Platform

Responsible Innovation Future Science Platform

Emerging science domains, such as synthetic biology, precision health, new energy technologies, robotics and artificial intelligence among others, have the potential to generate significant societal benefits and commercial opportunities. But transformational research like this can also produce disruptive technologies and precipitate societal change and uncertainty. This can raise significant social and ethical challenges for societies and their decision-makers.

Responsible innovation is a way of addressing those challenges with a view to ensuring socially and ethically responsible science and technology is designed and delivered for the benefit of all Australians. This program of research assesses the potential risks, benefits and uncertainties of future science and technology across three core focus areas:

  • Digital emerging technologies
  • Environmental-scale interventions
  • Socially responsive genetic technologies.

CSIRO’s Future Science Platforms

CSIRO’s FSPs are an investment in science that underpins innovation and that has the potential to help reinvent and create new industries for Australia. FSPs will see us grow the capability of a new generation of researchers and attract the best students and experts to work with us on future science in Australia. They are a multi-year, multi-disciplinary investment in our collective future, bringing CSIRO and our partners together to work on the big ideas.

About Future Science Platforms