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Annual Progress Report Summary – Year 2 – now available

Posted by: Jo Myers

June 1, 2017

During 2016 the Ningaloo Outlook team embarked on numerous field trips to Ningaloo and commenced the task of analysing and interpreting data collected during 2015 and 2016.

Highlights from the year include the unexpected discovery of an old anchor as part of one of the deep reefs team StarBug-X (AUV) mission and the collection of over 4 km of benthic habitat data. The shallow reefs team also revisited a staggering 55 reef sites to collect data, and in doing so is extending one of the longest continuous datasets on abundance of fish and corals for northern Ningaloo.

We also watched with wonder the journey of ‘Big Mumma’, one of our tagged whale sharks that went all the way to Indonesia before then heading straight back to Ningaloo! We even managed to recover her tag with the help of Dani Rob from WA Parks and Wildlife! Having the tag back in the laboratory will allow the team to download even more data about her journey.

Numerous activities were undertaken during 2016 by the Ningaloo Outlook Team, from field surveys to classroom activities (photo credits: Ningaloo Outlook team, CSIRO).

Take a look at our Progress Report Summary for Year 2 to discover what else the team got up to during 2016!

Ningaloo Outlook - BHP, CSIRO