Publication alert: Life at the borderlands: microbiomes of interfaces critical to One Health

April 8th, 2024

Microbiomes are foundational components of the environment that provide essential services relating to food security, carbon sequestration, human health, and the overall well-being of ecosystems. Microbiota exert their effects primarily through complex interactions at interfaces with their plant, animal, and human hosts, as well as within the soil environment.

This review aims to explore the ecological, evolutionary, and molecular processes governing the establishment and function of microbiome–host relationships, specifically at interfaces critical to One Health—a transdisciplinary framework that recognizes that the health outcomes of people, animals, plants, and the environment are tightly interconnected. Within the context of One Health, the core principles underpinning microbiome assembly will be discussed in detail, including biofilm formation, microbial recruitment strategies, mechanisms of microbial attachment, community succession, and the effect these processes have on host function and health.

Finally, this review will catalogue recent advances in microbiology and microbial ecology methods that can be used to profile microbial interfaces, with particular attention to multi-omic, advanced imaging, and modelling approaches. These technologies are essential for delineating the general and specific principles governing microbiome assembly and functions, mapping microbial interconnectivity across varying spatial and temporal scales, and for the establishment of predictive frameworks that will guide the development of targeted microbiome-interventions to deliver One Health outcomes.

Full article can be found here: Life at the borderlands: microbiomes of interfaces critical to One Health | FEMS Microbiology Reviews | Oxford Academic (

Authors – Simon R Law, Falko Mathes, Amy Paten, Pamela Alexandre, Roshan Regmi, Cameron Reid, Azadeh Safarchi, Shaktivesh Shaktivesh, Yanan Wang, Annaleise Wilson, Scott Rice and Gupta Vadakattu

Find out more about their microbiome research here: Microbiomes – To showcase capability in the Microbiome science capability. (