Podcast – the impact of the soil microbiome on Australian agricultural crops.

February 17th, 2023

Dr Lachlan Dow, a postdoctoral fellow and CSIRO microbiome researcher, sits down with the team from the farm advice podcast to discuss the impact of soil microbiomes on agricultural crops. They discuss:

  • Importance of soil microbes to crops and livestock.
  • How does a plant obtain a microbiome?
  • The soil microbiome plays a very important role in disease-resistance in crops.
  • Specific soil microbes can aid in long-term disease prevention in crops.
  • Can we improve the soil microbiome?
  • Can scientists or farmers diagnose if the soil has a good microbiome or poorly functioning microbiome?
  • How will the microbiome researchers transform agriculture in the next 5-10 years?
  • Potential biocontrol agent.

Take a listen here:

Farms Advice Podcast: Can We Identify Microbes as Farmers? | Lachlan Dow on Apple Podcasts

Dr Lachlan Dow in the lab.

Visit Dr Lachlan Dow team web pages to found out more about their research:

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