Blog post – The key to health could be in your gut.

May 10th, 2023

Human gut microbiome blog

The human gut health team’s research has been featured in a blog post that appeared on the CSIRO website. The blog showcases the cutting-edge science-backed research unlocking the secrets of the human gut microbiome for improved health benefits. The blog focuses on key research areas such as:

This clip shows the peristaltic movement of the gut walls of the intestine. This wave-like action is used to squeeze food along the digestive track.

  • ‘The window of opportunity’. Shaping the gut microbiome at early-life through complementary feeding to maximise the long-term health benefits.
  • The resilient gut microbiome. Developing a resilience model to understand how stressor, such as antibiotics, can negatively impact the gut microbiome and explore ways to improve it’s resilience.
  • Modelling the gut. Exploring innovative ways to conduct experiments to identify for example, probiotic microbes, without invasive procedures on human subjects.

You can read the blog here – The key to health could be in your gut

Or want to dive deeper into the science? Explore their research pages here: Human gut microbiome – Microbiomes (

Find out more about the link between diet, gut bacteria and the health benefits – The Hungry Microbiome: why resistant starch is good for you – YouTube

By David Spadaro