Potential Student Projects

We have a number of research ideas, and questions that may be answered through student-led research projects. The below list contains just a few of them.  If you are interested in becoming involved, or would like further information, please contact Denise Hardesty.

  1. What do we learn when we compare the volume of plastic on the coast with the amount of debris in the ocean?
  2. How much do trap pots move in the Derwent Estuary?
  3. How much microplastic is found in mussels?
  4. How much plastic, if any, would we find in deep sea sediment traps, and how does this compare to the surface load above them?
  5. Using remote sensing data to look at plastic debris – is photographic data taken onboard a research vessel useful?
  6. Mapping marine reserves against exposure to marine debris in relation to key marine taxa.
  7. Is it possible to measure the volume of plastic that passes through a grocery store, and if so, do we see any relationships in data?
  8. Can we develop statistical models to understand bias in citizen science data?
  9. What is the load of coastal litter in the Solomon Islands. What data do we have in hand? This project would involve comparing coastal and oceanic surveys.
  10. Using beach survey data, which includes distribution and size class of litter, can we calculate the total volume or weight of plastics currently on the coast?