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May 2023

Denise Hardesty was live on the ABC News (17/05/2023) to discus the latest released UNEP report and the possibility to minimize plastic pollution by 80% by 2040!


Apr 2023

In this podcast, hosted by Sustainability Further, Denise Hardesty talk about the role of stakeholders to tackle the issue of plastic pollution and reach the Ending Plastic Waste mission’s goal of 80% reduction in plastic waste entering the Australian environment by 2030.

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(Sustainability Further)

Oct 2022

In this podcast, Denise Hardesty explains how massive amounts of fishing gear goes overboard and contributes to huge environmental impacts.

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(The Naked Scientists) 

Oct 2022

Justine Barrett chats with Ocean Protect about the role of stormwater management in protecting the health of our ocean and waterways, and Blacktown City Council’s WSUD Compliance Program – which will no doubt help stop an ENORMOUS amount of pollution entering downstream waterways and hopefully be replicated in other local government areas across Australia and overseas.

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(Ocean Protect podcast)

Sep 2022

Katherine Willis talks about the recent good news around plastic pollution on Australian beaches, spatial and temporal trends in plastic washing up on beaches along the US Pacific Northwest, citizen science, ‘biofoul’ on marine debris, and community-led informal waste management programs.

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(Ocean Protect podcast)

Mar 2022

Lauren Roman talks about her recent research analysing data from nearly 30,000 litter clean-ups from around the world and its implications on how to turn the tide on plastic pollution. 

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(Ocean Protect podcast)

Mar 2022 Denise Hardesty and Qamar Schuyler head to Sydney to launch CSIRO’s Ending Plastic Waste mission.


Watch one of many news coverage stories here.

(Channel 10)

Nov 2021 Denise Hardesty explains about the significant global plastic hotspots and the specific types of litter at those particular spots. Listen here. 



Oct 2021 Denise Hardesty discusses the analysis of ghost nets sighted along the gulf coastline during four aerial


surveys across 15 years. Listen here. 

(ABC News Radio)

Oct 2021 On Breakfast with Ryk Goddard CSIRO scientist Denise Hardesty explains why drinking from the tap is
better than from a bottle so long as you’re Tasmanian. Listen here. 


(ABC News Radio)

Oct 2020 Denise Hardesty talks microplastics in deep ocean sediment. Watch here. 


(ABC news)

Sept 2019 Kelsey Richardson discussing her recent publication on estimating the amount of commercial fishing gear


that’s abandoned or lost in global waters every year. Listen here.

(ABC news)

May 2019 Qamar Schuyler shares her thoughts on the finding of plastic in the Marina Trench with ABC news.


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(ABC news)

Mar 2019 Lauren Roman and Denise Hardesty discuss seabird mortality and marine debris as a major news headline


Watch here (from 6:22 to 8:03 minutes)

(Channel 7)

Lauren also performed various radio interviews on the topic with ABC Drive and Southern Cross Radio.

May 2018 Denise Hardesty joined a panel of experts to discuss threats to the ocean, marine parks, pollution, and


possible solutions on The Drum.


 Mar 2018 Chris Wilcox discusses the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (ABC News 24)
Watch the interview here
Feb 2018

Qamar Schuyler discusses how Container Deposit Legislation can reduce plastic in the ocean by up

to 40% (ABC Local Radio, Hobart)
Listen to the interview here

Apr and Sep 2016

Lauren performed a series of radio interviews regarding her research on seabirds and plastic.

Feb 2014

Scope Season 3 Episode 177 MARINE MANIA

(Channel Ten)

Sep 2012 Denise Hardesty discusses CSIRO’s world first study of the plastics around the Australian coastline on


Catalyst. Watch the episode here