Factsheet: Marine Debris Research at CSIRO Learn more about the current Marine Debris Research activities at CSIRO!
Factsheet: CSIRO's Marine Debris Research Learn about the scope and purpose of our marine debris research.
Factsheet: CSIRO's Marine Debris Frequently Asked Questions Learn the answers to the questions people ask us the most!
Factsheet: Marine Debris Transport Support from the Australian Packaging Covenant enabled us to produce this factsheet, describing how debris is transported from the coastal margin to the ocean.
Factsheet: Marine Debris in the US An analysis of the national status of the marine debris issue in the United States, utilising data provided by the Ocean Conservancy and NOAA.
Factsheet: Global Plastic Pollution Survey Identifying solutions to reduce land-based plastic waste and improve local livelihoods.
Factsheet: Monitoring plastic pollution with AI CSIRO’s Marine Debris team have developed machine learning and computer vision models to monitor the flux and abundance of litter in rivers and stormwater drains.