GTP Smart Sensor – Sydney Pilot Program

We will be running a pilot program for our GPT smart sensors and AI litter tracking in waterways technologies through a NSW Government SMART Places Acceleration Grant via the Sydney Olympic Park Authority and the Sydney Coastal Councils Group.

The technology trials will be taking place in the second half of 2023 and will assist local councils in monitoring litter levels in gross pollutant traps within the Sydney stormwater system. The technology will also monitor litter items in waterways and provide indication as to the level of litter pollution within each local government area.

We have been having ongoing conversations with councils within the Sydney Coastal Councils Group to determine locations for trialing our smart GPT sensors and AI camera technology. Site visits have taken place and we expect the trial to begin in July. Alongside the sensors, we are working with Eratos to develop a user-interface for monitoring GTP levels from the comfort of your computer.

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