Chris Wilcox


Senior Principal Research Scientist
CSIRO Environment (temporary email address)

Chris Wilcox left the team in 2022 to focus on his work in fisheries as the director of the sustainable fisheries program at Minderoo Foundation. However, his knowledge and expertise are still occasionally drawn upon for projects within the marine debris team at CSIRO.

When working at CSIRO, Chris was a principal research scientist, based in Hobart, Tasmania.  He was the leading scientist in our IUU collaboration project and co-lead in the marine debris project. His research covered a wide range of topics in population management including control of invasive species, conservation of threatened biodiversity, and management of commercial and recreational fishing.  His work integrates field data, statistical analysis and predictive models to synthesize information to support decision-making.

Chris has worked with NGOs, government and private enterprise over a 23 year career as a professional biologist to develop cost effective solutions to natural resource management problems.  Originally from the USA, he has a Masters degree and a PhD in ecology and conservation biology.  Since joining CSIRO in 2005, his research included biodiversity offsets, population estimation, analysis of satellite tracking data, optimisation of feral eradication, management of fisheries, reserve design and management.

Dr Chris Wilcox