Students and Visitors Engagement

CSIRO has a long history of collaboration with Australian and International Universities and Research Centres by hosting students and scientists for both research and training. We are seeking to expand this effort with students and researchers whose interests align with our goal of addressing research challenges faced by both current lithium ion and next generation batteries.

Internship and higher degree students have the opportunity to join us to complete their research under supervision of our professional scientists in the following research areas:

  • Lithium ion batteries (including, but not limited to, advanced electrode materials, solid and liquid electrolytes)
  • Methods for stabilisation of lithium metal electrodes, including the use of ionic liquid based electrolytes, additives or solid polymer electrolytes
  • Lithium – Sulfur batteries (including, but not limited to advanced cathodes, solid, ionic liquid and organic electrolytes, methodologies for controlling polysulfides)
  • Electrochemical studies on lithium (ion and metal) batteries and materials
  • Computational modelling of interfacial reactions which occur in batteries via DFT and AIMD techniques, particularly those which lead to SEI layer formation
  • High throughput robotic electrochemistry
  • Materials assessment and analysis for lithium battery applications with different techniques such as XRD, XPS, NMR, SEM, CV, EIS

Our current and past collaborations are listed here.

Some of our students/ visitors shared their experiences with us in the following links.

Please note that:

  • Students and researchers should expect to spend no less than 3 months at CSIRO Due to commercial projects commitment, maximum of 4 students can work with us during the year.
  • Financial support may be offered on a case by case basis, at the sole discretion of CSIRO. All international students should be capable of meeting their own living expenses.
  • Students and researchers who are accepted to join us will be required to sign an agreement with CSIRO regarding intellectual property (IP) and other provisions governing your visit.

If you are interested to join us, please send your CV, academic transcript (students only), research area of interest and the period of time that you’d like to spend at our laboratories. Please use our Contact Page for this purpose.

We are seeking passionate, engaged and hardworking students and researchers to join our vibrant team, so make sure you show that in your application!

NB. This offer is not applicable to post-doctoral researchers or those seeking long term employment at CSIRO. If you are seeking a formal position at CSIRO, we invite you to look at